Mobile Offices For Sale

Below, you will find our best-selling mobile office products. All of these mobile offices are assembled in one of our Canadian production facilities, using high-quality materials, skilled labour, and rigorous quality control procedures.

Keep in mind, all of these office products are customizable. You can add or delete components prior to production. Feel free to submit your own custom layout and we would be happy to quote

Shipping Container Offices

Mobile shipping container offices or “Steel Offices” are repurposed to accommodate everything you would find in a conventional office with the added benefits of Maximum security, rodent Proof, easy to re-locate, setup and store. Choose from one of the units below or have one of our experts help design you a custom mobile office today!

Advantages of Shipping Container Office

Shipping containers for office have the great advantage of being mobile. Compared to a traditional trailer office, though, they are more durable, secure and reliable.

Their steel composition makes them outlast other types of transportable working spaces and resist any inclement weather. To also protect workers against uncomfortable climates, the shipping containers can be insulated with spray foam and have heaters installed.

Even with multiple lights, outlets and heaters, electrical aspects of these spaces should not be a concern. Everything is in agreement with the parameters of the SPE-1000-13 model code set by the Standards Council of Canada.

Custom Shipping Container Office

For better ambiance, we offer multiple flooring and lighting options. There are also different types of panelling that fit every aesthetic taste – you can have the classic container look on the outside, but on the inside, it will feel no different from brick-and-mortar construction.

Also, for employees with multiple teams, a partition wall can be very useful to separate  the unit into multiple office spaces.

And after closing time, fear not: lockboxes & window security guarantees the office’s security.