If you are looking for a portable solution to move around your workspace, a shipping container workshop is the answer. At Custom Cubes, you can find pre-built options or customize your layout.

Let’s suppose you have a small business, or even work at a big company, and need to bring your tools and benches to the construction sites. Or maybe you are a DIYer, an artist or a craftsman person who needs extra space at home. For all cases, a custom shipping container may be the best solution for you.

A shipping container is easily repurposed into a workspace to become your office on every job you take – or to simply unclutter your garage. It is more affordable than building a wood frame workshop from scratch. Also, it lasts longer than other structures due to its strong steel composition. We work with different sizes such as ’20 and ’40 – but if you need a bigger space, there is no problem, we can always connect more than one shipping container together.

At Custom Cubes, we can customize your project – just let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

Custom Shipping Container Workshop Characteristics

Shipping containers can be modified to fit everything you would find on a regular workshop:

  • Windows and doors, designed to your needs;
  • Electricity, lights and multiple outlets for your power tools;
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation or heating (or both), so you can work 24/7 regardless of the weather;
  • Workbenches;
  • Storage space for your tools and projects, such as cabinets and shelves;
  • Secure lockups to end the day without preoccupations.

Remember that these structures are originally built to endure every climate change while being transported on ships, piled up to eight boxes high. So they are really long-lasting and reliable.


In general, a few upsides to shipping containers for a workshop are:

  • Portability: being able to take all your tools and workspace with you instead of packing up a load of heavy equipment every time you have a new job.
  • Space-saving: if you need a workshop at home, containers allow you to have it without ‘loosing’ a room or your garage – you can just place it on your backyard.
  • Customization: we offer plenty of pre-made options, but you can also add other hardware you may need (extra cabinets, doors, workbenches, shelves, etc.). Have it your way!

Also, if you are a small business owner and aim to boost your company’s growth, this might be a differential: while your concurrence takes a long time to unpack, you will arrive ready to work.

For home-workers, having a container can end family arguments about tools lying around the garage. So you can – finally – have some peace and quiet place to work.

Are you ready to own your custom shipping container workshop? Feel free to ask us any questions so we can provide you with the best workspace for your projects.