Product Types at Custom Cubes: Are you looking for Custom Container Products?

Custom shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes. While most people usually think of them as storage units, this is not the only use for them: there are custom designs for all types of needs.

Our custom cubes can be used as workshopsmobile officesSpecial event units and so much more!!, let us help bring your vision to reality and start a custom project today!

How could you use a custom shipping container?

Shipping containers are reliable and durable options for several needs. There are many ideas that most people would never consider a shipping container to be used for. Of course, some are more popular than others, but you can use your imagination and Custom Cubes will make it come true – our products are unique and highly customizable.

Custom Cubes has you covered!

With the changing times, Custom Cubes brings you the unique idea of repurposing shipping containers. You can do with the help of custom shipping containers. Here are some of the most unique products you can find with Custom Cubes:

Storage Solutions Products:

Storage can be a difficult problem if you live in a small space and have a lot of stuff. With Custom Cubes you can repurpose shipping containers and create storage spaces for versatile storage uses. We can provide you with products such as a 40′ Locker room or a 10′ Containment cube. With Custom Cubes you can find the best storage options.

Custom Cubes Product Types:

With Custom Cubes, the possibilities are endless. We can provide you with different customizations to fit your needs! With us, you can get a hold on customized ideas such as a Machinery Housing unit or a Laneway motorcycle garage. There is a lot that we can do with shipping containers and give you exactly what you are looking for!

Buy Shipping Containers:

Do you want to Do It Yourself and use a shipping container as per your idea? Sure thing! You can just give us a ring and check for the availability of a shipping container of your requirements. We have options like a 20′ Open side shipping container and a 40’HC used Open Face shipping container. If it is available we will get it for you.

Container Accessories:

If you want more than the container, no need to worry. We have the perfect accessories to go with your shipping container. With us, you can find shelving products, lockboxes and even divider walls.


Looking into real estate for a workshop can be a hassle and expensive. A cheaper alternative is using a shipping container as your workspace. With Custom Cubes, you can find different sizes and customized options for your requirements. With our customized options, you can get the best alternative in the shape of customized shipping containers.

Mobile Offices:

Have your office on the go with the best-customized shipping container product types. Finding the perfect office space can be difficult but with Custom Cube it doesn’t have to be. We offer product types like a 20′ construction office and a 20′ sales office.

Event Containers:

Do you have an event coming up? Or do you want to start a business? Either way, you can use a shipping container to start your business on wheels and allow us to provide you with the best solution.

M&B Industrial & Commercial Products:

If you are running an industry you might need a storage shelter or a portable washroom. We offer your business great options with single stall portable washrooms and modular housing pods. There are many other M&B industrial and commercial products you can find with us.

Hazcon Containment Units:

Looking for a Hazcon containment unit? Custom Cubes provides you with the best possible solutions. Our product range includes 40’HC Hazcon containment units with overhead doors and other containment cubes.

Shipping Container Skids:

High-quality skids are hard to find but Custom Cubes gives you a variety of high-quality product types to choose from. With us, you can find Container skid with twist lock and other quality options.

Mr. Container:

Custom Cubes officially has taken over Mr. Container and is now a part of Custom Cubes Group.

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