Get Our 20′ Sales Office

Finding an office space in Western Canada can be a great hassle. With high real estate prices, many people struggle with finding the right office space to carry out their sales operations. However, there is no need to worry, as Custom Cubes brings you the best option. Get a 20′ sales office and keep your business running! 

The container is a 20′ New 1-trip container in great condition as most 1-trip shipping containers are. The container is of the perfect size to carry out your business and give you the comfort of a good office. While still giving you the portability to move it to another location.

Why This Container Is The Best For Your Office Space? 

The 20′ Sales office container comes with amazing features that make it stand out from the lot! With its sliding glass doors, you will forget that it is in fact a container and not a traditional office! 

Not just that, the 48″ x 36″ windows let natural light in your office space and give you a comfortable place to work in. Cover them with window treatments and you can add more aesthetic value to your office space! To have a safe functional office, you need the best electrical work and this customized container offers electrical work that complies with SPE-1000-13 model codes set by the Standards Council of Canada and comes with an inspection sticker on the electrical panel to prove it! 

Furthermore, the 20′ Sales office is well insulated, and framed with steel stud framing! 

The container gives you all the amenities that you can get in a building at a fraction of the price and the hassle. Having said that, a CUSTOM CUBE may be the right solution for you! 

Why Choose Custom Cubes? 

Custom Cubes offers you the best product and the best services. Our customers come to us because they know we deliver nothing but the highest quality available. We do not cut corners, we think about how everything is constructed not just for the short term but to offer longevity on everything we sell. 

Custom Cubes does not just offer the best products but it also offers customization offers that you can use to get a container that serves your purpose exactly. All you need to do is contact us and we will make sure that we answer all your requirements regarding customization possibilities and work with you to get the best product possible. 

We are a team of motivated individuals who believe in helping out customers with products we know are according to their expectations. Our services are available round the clock, you can contact us anytime you like and our representative will respond to any queries you might have. 

If you are not too sure about the prices, just reach out to us and we will provide you with a free estimate so you can decide!

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