Let’s bring your vision to reality!

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Let’s bring your vision to reality!

Fill out the FREE ESTIMATE section or call us today at (778) 883-CUBE

Shipping Container Modifications

Custom shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes. While most people usually think of them as storage units, this is not the only use for them: there are custom designs for all types of needs.

Our custom cubes can be used as workshops, mobile offices and events, for example – or any other uses: we can also create a custom project for you, just name it.

Shipping containers are reliable and durable options for several needs. There are many ideas that most people would never consider a shipping container to be used for. Of course, some are more popular than others, but you can use your imagination and Custom Cubes will make it come true – our products are unique and multifaceted.

Here you can find some examples of custom shipping containers:

  • Office shipping containers: these come equipped with windows and doors – there is the possibility of adding double doors or creating an open siding container. There is room to add desks and computers. Electrical outlets can be provided for the computers.
  • Workshops are a good use for custom cubes, too. Like the office ones, they are outfitted with doors, windows, or another necessary feature. They have installed items, like a tool rack or furniture.
  • Custom shipping containers for events are also a great idea. These can have electrical, entertainment, food storage, or a bar installed with plumbing. The features are added based on your needs. Colorful paint or customized flooring are also options.
  • For those at a work site without a bathroom, a container can be outfitted with plumbing for a restroom.
  • For food or medicine storage, there is an option to have refrigerated storage spaces. This is useful for a kitchen or clinic. These also can be outfitted with roll up doors or windows.
  • Building these structures as part of housing, stores, or businesses. Our custom cubes can be outfitted or incorporated into design plans for existing structures.

Special projects are another area with potential – and we will love to design your idea. Just contact us and we will make it happen.

What about sizing?

As we work with different sizes of custom shipping containers, we can offer a solution for any of your needs. If you do not require a lot of space, a 20-foot container might be perfect – this will suit for storage or small business. For a larger need, there are 40-foot containers: this will outfit most larger rooms, workshops or business with bigger teams.

But what if you have a much larger need? No problem: Custom Cubes can build a custom sized shipping container for you.

What are some of the modifications I can ask for?

Some of the options we offer include:

  • Personnel doors
  • Lockboxes
  • Windows (Many sizes available)
  • Roll up doors
  • Drywall or plywood sheeting
  • Many Electrical options
  • Spray foam
  • Air conditioning
  • Heat
  • Vents
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing

Are you ready to have your own custom shipping container?

Whether it be for a business, party, or storage, we can create the structure of your dreams. We can manufacture it, transport it, and deliver it on site. Contact us now and let’s build your project!

Let’s bring your vision to reality!

Fill out the FREE ESTIMATE section or call us today at (778) 883-CUBE