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What is Custom Cubes?

At Custom Cubes we rent and sell a large variety of new and used shipping containers. These containers are also called ISOs or Seacans, but what’s most significant about them is their versatility. These containers are prolific for their potential to serve any purpose, intent, or need across a spectrum of industries. Custom Cubes aims to facilitate the use of these containers as effectively as possible by providing an ample selection of storage containers which we can customize, adapt, and mold to your exact specifications. Additionally, we have a proven process which is intended to provide you with the quickest and most accurate service possible. Our mission is to work with our clients meticulously while constructing intuitive spaces based on your creative vision. Whether it's something as simple as a small storage space or as complex as a practical and aesthetic work environment, we are ready to craft your container today.

What can we do for you?

At all times we host a wide selection of sizes, conditions, and models of containers for you to rent or purchase. We also have the ability to customize these containers down to the smallest detail in order to serve the exact needs you have in mind. Feel free to explore the plethora of amenities we can provide on our modifications page. Using our containers we are truly capable of creating any type of space. Once we’ve finished creating your unique container we oversee its transportation, directly to you, anywhere in North America. We have the ability to handle any request, large or small, including non-permanent demands. For temporary storage needs, our rental and transportation services are extremely convenient. We offer flexible schedule options as well as a broad selection of transportation preferences. Simply put, at Custom Cubes we can handle any storage container inquiry with professionalism, ease, and efficiency.

Why choose us?

We are deeply invested in streamlining your experience. This means that we do everything in our power to focus on constructing your ideal container while stripping away any unnecessary machinations. This commitment shows in our rapid reply times. We guarantee a quick response to your inquiries so that you have all the information to make decisions about your project as quickly as possible. In order to match that efficiency with accuracy, we employ serious experts. Our employees are skilled individuals with years of experience. This allows them to give detailed answers to your questions, help guide your creative vision, and inform your decisions about what you’ll need to get the job done. Not only do we care about informing you, we care that your experience is one of ease. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to maintaining the highest standards of customer service with every single client. Finally, we understand that finances are often the name of the game. We work so that we can continue to offer the most competitive prices you’ll find for these products in Canada or anywhere else. At Custom Cubes it’s our hope to leave you feeling satisfied by an effortless customer experience and thrilled with a unique space that’s exactly as you imagined it. These containers have all the potential, we just help you fulfill it.

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