These containers allow for maximum storage and accessibility because their side doors can open all the way, allowing for complete side access. These units have a slightly heavier frame than our other containers. Our 1-trip containers are called that because after being built in the factory, they are then shipped to Vancouver with cargo in them, and once the cargo is removed they come to us. This means that they are close to new and have only gone through one cargo trip. Each unit is inspected multiple times to ensure excellent quality before we sell them. These containers are wind and watertight and are perfect for general secure storage, or get in touch to learn about our custom modification options!

– Wind and watertight
– Customization available
– Fully openable sides

Why You Should Get A 20′ Openside Shipping Container?

With the world running towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, you mustn’t miss out on the opportunity to repurpose a shipping container. With Custom Cubes, you can find the best and the highest qualities of shipping containers. 

The 20′ openside shipping container is a great option for people who wish to customize it and use it as per their needs. There is a lot that you can do with an openside shipping container, use it for storage or set up your business out of this high-quality container. 

The open side shipping container offers great access to customers who are looking for side access that they can open all the way and use ample space. These containers offer a lot of space along with great storage options. If you get creative you can use them for a lot more and make the most of your containers. 

The containers come with the guarantees of wind and water. You can keep all your necessary things in it without the worry of bad weather conditions ruining it. The full openable sides can close giving you the most secure option to keep all your things as safely as possible.

What Is A 1-Trip Container? 

Most people wonder what is a 1-trip container and if it is the best option for them. To put it plainly the life of a 1-trip container starts in the factory that manufactures them. These containers once completely manufactures, are used to take cargo from one place to another. 

Ideally, a single shipping container is used multiple times before it is retired but Custom Cubes brings you shipping containers that don’t have to go through the wear and tear of multiple uses. You can now get containers that only make one trip, that too, one way. These containers, after completing a single trip come directly to us. 

But wait, Custom Cubes does not just hand over the shipping container to you. We make sure our customers get the best product and service. This is why we go above and beyond to check each and every nook and cranny of the shipping container to look for any damages. Only the best of the best containers make their way to our customers. 

These containers are close to new and hardly have any flaws, which is why Custom Cubes is the first choice for customers. With multiple inspection cycles our experts make sure that the shipping containers are fit for a king, or in other words, our customers!

Call Custom Cubes Today! 

We offer much more than just the containers. Custom Cubes gives you several customizations offers you can contact us today to discuss all customization options. 

Our representatives are available to answer any questions you may have. Concerned about the appropriate sizing? Call us and we can give you the precise dimensions as per your requirements. 

Reach out to us today and we can start working on you getting your container as soon as possible!