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Struggling With Storage Issues? Custom Cubes Has the Best Storage Solutions. We offer a plethora of options for people who are looking for storage options. Take a look at all the great options Custom Cubes has:

10′ Containment Cube 

The 10′ containment cube is a repurposed cutdown from a 20’used shipping container to provide you with a great storage solution. It comes with ventilation and a floor that has been customized to add more capacity. With a grated floor, you can use it for multiple purposes. 

If you wish to use it for unique purposes, you can benefit greatly from the industrial-grade drainage valve that the cube comes with. For easy access, the cube comes with a 6’8 wide rollup door. It gives you complete access to the containment cube. 

40′ Locker Room 

Are you looking for a locker room? This 40′ used shipping container with a personnel door and lockbox is the best fit! The stud framing makes this a great and durable option. With each locker room, you get a 50Amp Electrical Panel with a junction box. In addition to that, you also receive power outlets, LED wrap lights, and baseboard heaters. 

The electrical work is as per the Standards Council of Canada. The container comes with 24 lockers and is a great fit for customers! 

10′ Cut Down Used Container Rollup 

The cut-down used container comes in a convenient 10′ size that makes it easy for your storage uses and also affordable. The container is painted to give you the feeling of a brand new container. With the container, you get a roll-up door that provides enhanced security. 

The container is also paneled and has end frames of iron to give customers the best service possible. The dimensions are 10’L x 8’W x 8.5’H. These containers are available in a stale grey but with customizations, you can request different colors. 

20′ Used ‘Open Face’ Shipping Container

This is a used shipping container that gives an ample amount of space along with a side panel cutout for easy access. The Open Face container comes with an HSS support post which makes it a much more convenient option.

20′ Shipping Container + (2) 8′ Rollup Doors 

If you are looking for a container that has rollup doors then this is the best option for you. Not only does it provide 2 rollup doors but it also gives you a great amount of space. The openings are HSS framed that are also matched to the color of the container. This is a 1-trip shipping container which means that it is almost brand new.

40′ HC Shipping Container + (3) 11′ 10″ Doors 

This is the biggest storage option for customers who have a lot of storage items and nowhere to store them. The shipping container comes with a heavy-duty HSS framed opening that is matched the color of the container. 

With the ample space, there are also 3 high-quality rollup doors that you can use to have easy access to the stored items. 

40′ HC Used “Open Face” Shipping Container 

With two support posts, you get the 40′ HC shipping container. This container has a full side pane; cut out so you can use it as per your needs. 

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