These 40’ HC have ceilings a foot higher than our standard models, coming in at 9.5’ for the exterior height. Our 1-trip containers are called that because after being built in the factory, they are then shipped to Vancouver with cargo in them, and once the cargo is removed they come to us. This means that they are close to new and have only gone through one cargo trip. Each unit is inspected multiple times to ensure excellent quality before we sell them. These 40’ containers have a premium feel and are perfect for general secure storage, or get in touch to learn about our custom modification options!

– Wind and watertight
– Customization available

New 40’HC (1-trip) Shipping Container:

The 40’ “High Cube” (9.5’H) shipping container gives an extra 1’ of height compared to the “Standard height” (8.5”) Container. 

If you’re looking for containers that are almost brand new, then a 1-trip shipping container is the best option for you. The reason they are called “1-trip” shipping containers is that after they are built overseas, the units are then lent to a steamship line or freight forwarding company. These freight forwarders will fill the container with cargo destined for our target location to mitigate the freight cost. Once the freight is unloaded the empty container is then returned to us for an inspection!

Contact Custom Cubes for Customization!

We offer customization for our customers at a very reasonable price. All you need to do is reach out to us and tell us what you are looking for. Our customers can make it all happen and give you the exact customizations you are looking for. Choose the container and ask for all changes you’d like. 

To discuss the details you can contact us on our number and discuss all the possibilities. Our estimates are free, with a consultation you can learn all the accurate dimensions of the container and what customization options you have. 

Our delivery prices vary, if you wish to get your container delivered to your doorstep you can call us and ask for the delivery charges. The delivery charges depend on the location and our representative will be able to guide you well. 

Let Custom Cubes Serve You, book your 40’HC New (1-trip) Shipping Container Today!