20’ Used “Open Face” Shipping Container

By opening the sides to your container, it creates a lot more accessibility when storing your belongings. True “openside” containers are great for clients that require maximum security when storing items but when security isn’t a priority for your storage needs these 20’ “Open Face” Containers offer a more cost-effective solution.

• 20’STD Used Shipping Container
• Full Side panel cut out on one side
• HSS support post
• Painted Slate grey

Please note the photos shown are examples, used containers vary in condition, and even after paint, you can expect some bumps and bruises.

*This is a modified unit, with a select number of modification options available on the Open-Face.


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For basic quotes or order placements, the quickest way to do this is to call our office at 778 – 883 – 2823 (Mon – Friday, 8AM – 4:30PM). For more complex orders or quote requests, it's best to provide your information here: FREE ESTIMATE, one of our agents will get back within 1 – 2 business days.

We offer several different delivery options:

Tilt decks: Tilt decks are self-unloading trucks that are designed to back into place, tilt the deck downwards and slide the container off the trailer. This is typically the most cost-effective self-unloading method but requires the most run space. 20’ tilt decks require about 60’ of run space whereas 40’ tilt decks require a minimum of 120’ of run space.

HIAB Crane Truck: We offer a variety of crane trucks in various sizes. This option will allow us to get the shipping container into tighter areas and provides the benefit of lifting over obstacles like fences. It’s important for our team to understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish so we can arrange the right size crane.

Flat Deck: Flat decks are typically the most cost-effective option, but they require the customer to have the proper equipment on site to off-load.

STD (standard height) is 8.5’ (exterior height). HC (high cube) is 9.5’ (exterior height).

Yes, payment is due prior to pick up. Once payment is received, we can issue a release# for you to pick up the container.

Yes, we do ensure that all containers are watertight. However, if you make the request to select your container, we can either send you photo options or you can come to one of our locations and hand-pick the unit you want!

Used Containers: These units typically spend about 10 – 15 years circulating cargo for the steamship lines before they are retired. During this time it's normal for the container to incur some dents and surface rust, the floors are also going to show much more wear than a 1-trip container. All our containers are inspected to ensure they are watertight!

New (1-trip) Containers: We build new containers at the factory in Asia. To mitigate the freight cost from the factory to our locations the container is given to freight companies that essentially borrow the shipping container to transport their goods one time. Thus, the name “1-trip” the container can incur some minor dents and scuffs along its journey from the factory.

Yes, we now sell bare containers in Washington and can quote to ship modified containers all over the United States.