Custom Cubes offers Specials, be it special projects that we are selling or special discounts on our existing inventory. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality of service at the best prices. View our unique selection of Specials:

Promo Pricing Valid Till March 31, 2024

20’HC New (1-trip) Hazcon Unit 

This shipping container is grated and liner painted with a spill tray welded underneath the container. The flooring is removed and replaced with grated flooring. It just might be what you are looking for. 

20′ STD (1-Trip) Shipping Container Overhead Door + Double Door

Are you looking for an overhead door container? The 20′ STD has a 10′ Overhead double door and is also water and wind tight. The container itself is painted white. You can use it for multiple purposes. 

20′ STD (1-Trip) Shipping Container Tri Door

Those looking for a tri-door container can opt for the 20′ STD with security against wind and water. The Tri Door container is painted white so you can paint it whatever color you want and use it as per your needs. 

20′ STD (1-Trip) Shipping Container Overhead Door

With an 8′ overhead door, the 1 trip 20′ STD container is the best match for your purpose. The container has an 8′ overhead door with water and wind security. 

20′ HC (1-Trip) Shipping Container Roll-up Door

If you are looking for a shipping container with a rollup door, you can trust Custom Cubes to help you with that! The 8′ rollup door in a one-trip container is all you are looking for. 

20’ New (1-TRIP) Shipping Container, Personnel Door, Insulated 

The 20′ STD container is an insulated option for your customizations. With a heavy-duty shelf, this container comes with a personnel door and can allow you to make many customizations. 

20′ STD (1-TRIP) Shipping Container, Personnel Door, Insulated 

If you are looking for a bigger 1-trip container with a personnel door, then this is the best option for you! It has painted insides so you can use them for many different things. 

20’ New (1-TRIP) Shipping Container + Overhead Garage

The overhead garage door serves a great purpose for customizers. The white one-trip container might just be the solution to your requirements. 

20’ New (1-Trip) Shipping Container Sheeted, Insulated + Personnel Door 

This container is customized to fit the needs of most. It comes with barn doors as well as a personnel door. The inside is insulated with a vapor barrier and you can find plywood sheeting which can be a kick start for your customizations. 

M&B | Single Stall Portable Washroom

Many businesses require you to have a portable washroom with all the accessories. This portable washroom comes with a toilet, sink, ventilation fan, LED light, and a toilet paper dispenser. With the main plug-in, it is the best option for you. 

M&B | Double Stall Portable Washroom

The double stall portable washroom offers all the services but with double stalls. Both of these stalls have separate entrances for your comfort! 

M&B | Portable Washroom + Shower 

If you are living on-site then you need a complete washroom with a shower and Custom Cubes brings you the best solution with its portable washroom with sink. 

M&B |Modular Housing Pod 

Housing on the go is available with the modular housing pod by Custom Cubes. This pod includes all the basic requirements such as a shower, toilet vanity, and a lot more. 

M&B |250 X Traffic Cones

Custom Cubes brings you traffic cones that you can use both outdoors and indoors. The bright-colored traffic cones are visible from afar. 

M&B | 1.5CY Forklift Dumping Bin 

Are you on the lookout for a forklift dumping din? Custom Cubes can help you with its 1.5 cubic yard forklift dumping bin. 

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