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Snack Shack – Concession Cube

Welcome to Custom Cubes’ Snack Shack Collection! Elevate your food service business with our innovative 20′ Concession Cube, meticulously designed to meet the demands of mobile food service operations. Our Snack Shack combines functionality, durability, and style to create the perfect space for serving up delicious treats. Let’s explore the key features of this versatile concession cube.

Step into the future of mobile food service with our Snack Shack – 20′ Concession Cube. This turnkey solution is equipped with everything you need to start serving your customers with style and efficiency. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • High-Quality Construction:
    Constructed from a 20′ STD New (1-trip) Shipping Container, our concession cube boasts durability and mobility. Its sturdy frame ensures stability during transportation and operation, while its sleek exterior design catches the eye of passersby.
  • Spacious Interior Layout:
    The interior layout of the concession cube is thoughtfully designed to maximize efficiency and functionality. With pre-finished drywall paneling and vinyl plank flooring, the space offers a clean and inviting environment for food preparation and service.
  • Comfortable Environment:
    Keep your staff and customers comfortable with the inclusion of a 6,000BTU air conditioner and a 2000W baseboard heater. Whether it’s hot summer days or chilly winter evenings, our Snack Shack ensures a pleasant experience for your crew.
  • Illuminated and Inviting:
    Illuminate your workspace with 4ft LED wrap lights, providing ample lighting for food preparation and service. Create an inviting atmosphere that draws customers in and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Energy-Efficient and Insulated:
    The concession cube features spray foam 2lbs and R12 batt insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and temperature regulation. Keep operating costs low while maintaining a comfortable interior environment.
  • Electrical Panel and Connectivity:
    With a 100amp 240V panel and exterior junction box connection, the concession cube offers reliable electrical connectivity for your equipment and appliances. Power your operation without compromise.

Transform your food service business with the Snack Shack – 20′ Concession Cube. Whether you’re serving up snacks at events, festivals, or outdoor venues, our concession cube is the perfect solution for mobile food service excellence. Browse our collection below and take your food service business to new heights. For inquiries or assistance, contact our knowledgeable team—we’re here to help you every step of the way!