Be it Industrial/Commercial or Residential Move or Storage, Custom Cubes has a container for most volumes.



$150/Month At Our Facility



$220/Month At Our Facility


After the initial payment has been made we can typically deliver the empty storage container within 1 – 3 business days.

Yes, we have a designated loading area for you to transload your contents from a truck into the storage container if this is more feasible then having us bring the container to you.

20’ Tilt deck: Tilt decks are self-unloading trucks that are designed to back into place, tilt the deck downwards and slide the container off the trailer. 20’ tilt decks require about 60’ of run space to back in and slide the container off the deck. We can load with the container doors facing the back of the truck so that the doors are facing the top of your driveway once offloaded.

9’ MOBILE CUBE MAX. Contents Weight 5,000lbs.
20’ MOBILE CUBE MAX. Contents Weight 10,000lbs.

We can sell a Heavy Duty Shipping Container Lock or you can supply your own. Our mobile storage units are equipped with lockboxes to conceal the lock and make it difficult for it to be tampered with.

Yes, we require 24 hours notice to get the unit accessible and access 2 x per month is included. Additional viewings in a monthly period will be subject to a $25 handling fee.

Simplifying Moving & Storage

Custom Cubes is located in Delta, Port Moody, and Edmonton. We have Distribution yards in Prince George, Calgary, Saskatoon & Regina.