Shipping Containers Edmonton

Custom Cubes now offers its new and used shipping container sales, rental, and modification services in Edmonton, AB

Why Edmonton?

Custom Cubes is excited to bring our high-quality shipping container sales, rental, refurbishment service to Edmonton. Here is why Edmonton was the natural choice for our expanding sea cans business.

Edmonton is a great place to live and work. As one of the youngest and fastest-growing cities in Canada, it’s only natural that it requires unique space and storage solutions that shipping containers can provide.

Edmonton has great programs Like Start Up Edmonton that mentor start-ups and entrepreneurs. As former entrepreneurs ourselves, we want to offer the support we wish we had in the beginning in the form of affordable shipping container space solutions.

 We want to see the Aurora Borealis more often than we do currently in Vancouver.

Custom Cubes, Edmonton

Our new base in Edmonton allows us to provide top-end shipping containers and modifications to Alberta & Saskatchewan. This means Custom Cubes will now be serving B.C, A.B, S.K, and M.B!

We have multiple depots located throughout Alberta, allowing us to deliver the sea cans from a location near you!  

We have nearly three acres of container storage space with over 100 plus new and used sea cans for sale at our main facility in Edmonton. Our newly built modification shop allows us to customize your shipping container to get the functionality and look you need.

Why Choose Custom Cubes?

Founders Mike Ouellette and Brent Nelson started Custom Cubes when they realized that the structures market needed to be modernized and that it was possible to provide higher quality products for the same or even less cost than the existing options on the market.

Since then, Custom Cubes has grown from strength to strength providing individual container solutions for our customers across Canada. We believe that each project is unique and must be treated as such, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

With all our team members passionate about providing high-quality services, we have also focused on creating a trusted shipping container sales system with multiple inspection processes in place to ensure our products meet our exacting standards. Cutting corners is not an option at any time!

At Custom Cubes, our experts are on hand to discuss your needs and recommend the right containers for you after analyzing your needs thoroughly. You have the option to either rent or buy your shipping container space or even purchase a structure during the rental period. This allows you to use the rental period as a trial period before making a permanent commitment. And any time you need to scale up, our team is always ready to help you take the next big step!

What We Can Do For You

We offer shipping containers for sale in Edmonton with multiple sizes – so whether you want a 20-foot sea can or a custom length, we can make it happen. We create custom structures, from simple storage solutions to fully finished work and living spaces using shipping containers, and get involved in the design and modification process right from when you bring us your ideas! Our experienced team assists in bringing your vision to reality through:

  • High-quality design & fabrication processes
  • Cost-effective, self-unloading delivery services
  • Projects that fit your needs, budget, and timeline

When you’re spending your hard-earned money on any type of project or asset it’s important to place it with an organization that you trust. Custom Cubes does not cut corners and we are here to make sure that the job is done right! Our team is also available to walk you through the whole process! Contact us today