Shipping Container Office

The way we work is changing and with it how we use our office spaces, its also the time where a lot of creative teams are using Shipping Container Offices. As things open up, many businesses are looking for new office spaces while others are looking to set up office spaces to continue the work from home trend we’ve all become accustomed to. And if you’re looking to attract some terrific upcoming talent, your office space has to look cool! Finding the right office space is not always easy and neither is modifying it to suit your business’s needs. This is where shipping container offices shine. They help you control your costs and give you the efficient, stylish, and flexible solutions you need to help your business grow.

Custom Cubes Vancouver - shipping container office

Benefits of shipping container office spaces:

Office spaces made from shipping containers have been used widely on construction sites but there are plenty of reasons why they can benefit other businesses too.  



Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar construction, shipping container offices are remarkably affordable. A big reason for this is because they use the already-constructed steel frame of shipping containers. Add in some plumbing, wiring, insulation, and interiors to suit your tastes – and you’re good to go.



Traditional construction takes time. The time it takes for an entire project to be completed can seem interminable. The entire process from having to dig and lay deep foundations to when you can finally use the space can take several months or even years – depending on the size of the office space.

As shipping containers already have the main structure in place, the modifications needed to convert them into usable, people-friendly office spaces can be just a matter of a couple of months.  You can also find shipping containers that are already equipped with windows and doors to get you up and running even faster!



Shipping containers or cubes are designed to withstand the weather of the high seas without damaging the cargo they carry. As they are made from corrugated steel, they are structurally sound and can carry an extraordinary amount of weight. They are resistant to high windspeeds and are watertight to boot. So, with the right insulation and ventilation solutions for your region, they can be turned into extremely comfortable working spaces.

Shipping container office spaces are also exceptionally secure and come with several options to keep your office space safe from vandalism or break-ins.


Custom Cubes Vancouver - shipping container office



A big benefit that shipping container offices offer is that they can grow easily with your business. Containers can be stacked easily to add more floors to your space or simply brought in and added to your existing office space make more room for your staff with barely any disruption to your daily activities.

If you need to decrease the office space you have, at the end of a large project for example, that’s easy to arrange too. Or you can consider turning that extra office space into a gym or other recreational facility for your staff for next to nothing.



Shipping containers are usually filled with cargo before they are moved on to the ship which means they are designed to withstand plenty of movement. An office made from such a container is by this very virtue portable. This makes them ideal in cases where you only need an office space at a particular site on a temporary basis. It can’t get more convenient as far as portable office spaces go. Simply arrange for your entire office to be picked up and moved to where you need to work from next.



It can be hard to customize an already constructed brick-and-mortar office space. You may have to contend with rules and regulations from rental agencies or find another workspace while renovations are carried out.  Office spaces built from shipping containers are highly customizable – if you need to convert a large meeting room into smaller offices for your staff, simply add partitions or vice versa. You can add other features like built in workstations, lockers, or even custom flooring to give your office space a look and feel that is completely yours.

You can also customize the look outside – you can add wooden cladding for an elegant exterior or have colorful paint and bespoke designs that let the world know who you are.

As an added bonus, involving your staff in the design process can make for a wonderful team bonding process.

Shipping container office


Environmentally friendly:

Green solutions are the buzzword at the moment and by opting for a shipping container office, you are definitely keeping up with the trend. Upcycling a discarded shipping container is definitely helping reduce some of the unnecessary waste create by the industry. However, one of the biggest, and possibly the least discussed, environmentally friendly benefits that shipping container office spaces provide is that they cause less pollution when compared to traditional construction as they have shorter build times, require less heavy machinery, and so generate fewer emissions.

Insulation, ventilation and lighting solutions are easy to implement which can help save the environment and your energy bills too.

How to choose a container for your needs:

Shipping containers come in various sizes. 20-foot containers may be ideal for a small office while larger businesses may opt for 40-foot ones or even multiple different containers depending on their needs.

At Custom Cubes, our experts are on hand to discuss your needs and recommend the right containers for you after analyzing your needs thoroughly. You have the option to either rent or buy your shipping container office space or even purchase the structure during the rental period. This allows you to use the rental period as a trial period before making a permanent commitment. And any time you need to scale up, our team is always ready to help you take the next big step!