5 Most Common Container Types You Can Buy In Vancouver

Shipping containers have experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, with people from around the world constantly finding new and unique ways to utilize these 20ft containers and 40ft containers in their daily lives. From providing convenient ways to ship your belongings when you move, creating additional secure storage space on your property, and even serving as shipping container homes, more and more people are looking to buy shipping containers in the Greater Vancouver Area. If you, too, are searching for shipping containers for sale, here are the five most common types you can find in the area.

20ft Shipping Container (Used)

20ft used shipping containers are the most popular on the market given their price and durability. Before selling a used shipping container, we thoroughly inspect it to ensure the container is entirely wind and waterproof. The used containers are excellent for storage purposes and can provide you with a good project if you are intrigued by the idea of container homes. There are many colours and a variety of other customization options available.

purchase Container Vancouver 20ft used

20ft 1-trip Container (New)

A new 20ft shipping container can be a great investment for many years, as it will be delivered to you in as good of shape as you can imagine. These “1-trip” containers are assembled in a factory, put to use in one cargo load to Vancouver, and then end up directly at Custom Cubes. While they have only done one cargo trip, we still thoroughly inspect them to guarantee the best product on the market. Like our used 20’ containers for sale, the new containers are also air and watertight with custom options and colours available for purchase.

Container Buy Vancouver 20ft new

20ft High Cube Shipping Containers

Similar to the new 20ft container outlined above, the High Cube shipping container comes straight to us after delivering one cargo load to Vancouver. These containers have earned their name, as they are one foot taller than standard containers. High Cube containers are great for when you need a little extra storage space or have taller items that you need to secure in an air and watertight space. These, too, make great tools for special modification or container home projects.

Container Buy Vancouver high cube

20ft Openside Shipping Containers

Whereas just the front or back end of a standard shipping container will open, open side shipping containers are unique in that the full-length side of these boxes will open. While a bit heavier, these containers are an excellent choice if you are hoping to maximize both storage and accessibility. As 1-trip containers, this style will arrive at your location virtually new and ready to use in whatever way you see fit.

Container Buy Vancouver open side

Mini Cubes

20ft and 40ft containers may be too large for some, and that is where mini cubes come in. Mini cubes provide the same safety and security of a traditional shipping container but come in seven, eight, and nine-foot sizes. These containers boast bard doors as well as a personnel door, locks, and windows with security bars. Our Mini Cubes are perfect for those with less space available on their property or perhaps less need for the bigger containers.

Mini Cubes Container Vancouver


No matter the shipping container you need, Custom Cubes is here for you. From small Mini Cubes to traditional containers, we are proud to have Vancouver’s widest selection of shipping containers for sale. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about our inventory, give us a call today – we’re always eager to help.