Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers

At Custom Cubes, our entire mission is based on your creative vision. In an ideal client interaction, we simply facilitate the construction of your ideas. The applications and uses of shipping containers are boundless and span countless industries and environments. Sometimes all those choices can be confusing and lead to a situation where you are not sure precisely what you want your shipping container to be or do. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are some of the most creative and innovative ways we’ve had our clients use our custom containers in order to help you spark ideas for your own project.

Food Industry

Shipping containers have become widely used in the food industry. These spaces are ideal for creating efficient and compact kitchens where food can be quickly prepared, then doubling as serving areas with the addition of access windows. Not only is this highly practical, but shipping containers have also become popular because of their malleable aesthetic, which pairs an industrial look with whatever theme conceivable.

Office Space

Uses for Shipping Containers innovative and unique

With so many viable modifications, storage containers are also ideal resources for mobile offices. Using these containers to create workspaces avoids many of the pitfalls faced by other kinds of modern offices such as space constraints, a lack of on-site accessibility, and privacy concerns. Besides, these containers are highly mobile, making them perfect for jobs which are location variant.

Efficient Housing

As the spectrum of enhancements possible for custom containers has expanded. So too have their potential uses, and the cost ceiling for making them affordable and viable houses has undoubtedly been surpassed. Storage containers are perfect for creating extremely efficient living spaces and as the era of “tiny-houses” has become a trend, more people are looking to storage containers because of their high versatility and relatively low cost.

Compact Gardening

Advances in ventilation, air-conditioning, and humidity control have allowed storage containers to become choice spaces for grow rooms of any kind. These containers allow for a high degree of climate manipulation, such that plants with highly specific environmental needs can be grown in parts of the world which would otherwise be impossible. Once again, the containers’ high mobility can prove useful in allowing for the convenient location your leafy-companions relative to their intended users.

Event Spaces

When it comes to events like music festivals, pop-up shops, or any other temporary gathering of the masses, storage containers are by far the most viable option. As they are highly adaptable, they can be decorated or painted to be very artistic and eye-catching. Also, they can be used again and again at different events throughout various locations due to their outstanding portability. Finally, larger sizes of containers are perfect for providing ample space to showcase merchandise, clothing, and enticing products.

Conclusions of Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers:

Hopefully, these examples have helped to exhibit the full range of innovative uses possible for our containers, although there are far more than just those listed above. Whatever your ambition for a custom container, we’re ready to make it a reality here at custom cubes.